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Looking Ahead: Letter to the Fans from Mario Gesuè

“Let’s look forward and aim high. Happy 2021!”

We envisioned this toast among the ranks of professionals. That day in early March against Olympia Agnonese we tasted the sensation of winning: a packed stadium, an experienced and unbeatable team, and the conviction to be able to complete the well-deserved comeback that we started earlier in the season. Then the pandemic stopped the whole world, not just the sporting world. This froze the table and the season, punishing us to have to stay another year in Serie D at the exact moment when we were finally ready to say goodbye to this league and move onto greener pastures. Let me be clear: our ambitions remain fully alive, they were just postponed a bit because of the pandemic. Today we are hungrier and stronger than ever before.

At midnight we will raise our red and blue glasses with pride and with many reasons to be hopeful about 2021, aware of the fact that 2020 was a year of great growth for our club. We are first at the top of our league table, we have a world-class roster and staff, and we are competing against everyone with blood in our eyes determined to get promoted in Serie C.

As an organization, we are continuing to invest despite the global economic crisis which has completely eliminated all potential sources of revenue from ticket sales. Despite this, we are steadfast in our strategy and not changing our plans one bit. We are betting everything on these red and blue colors, on Campobasso, and on Molise. We are betting on all the beautiful fans of ours who continue to unite outside our stadium walls to stay close to our players while our grounds are closed. We are betting on the thousands of people who continue to follow us online and watch our games live on our social channels. It pains us to see the stands of the Selvapiana empty, but we know that every Sunday we are “sold out” in the homes of all our supporters.

“We are looking forward and aiming high”

We are not hiding anything. We are here to move up to the professional ranks of Serie C and beyond. We are aiming to bring an international dimension to Campobasso that exists for only a select few clubs in the world. We just closed a monumental agreement with Italian Football TV (IFTV), a major American digital platform, that will enable our players and our club to get unprecedented visibility overseas. In the United States they are already nicknaming us “The Underdogs”. They’re convinced just like we are that this will become a true success story that started from nothing, that started from a humble but generous land. Our new co-owner Matt Rizzetta, who acquired a minority interest in the club with share options of 40%, will play a key role in the development of our brand and in our ability to open up the international market for our fanbase. He knows the global market very well, particularly the “Stars and Stripes”. His enthusiasm and competency will ensure that we have a major differentiator compared to other clubs.

“Today we have everything in place to achieve our dreams”

All we have to do is stay united and continue to make whatever sacrifices necessary to reach our dreams. In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who is working tirelessly to move this project forward. I want to give a special thanks to Raffaele De Francesco, Luigi Mandragora and the entire front office, the coaching staff, our players, our partners, and everyone who has a red and blue heart that beats stronger than ever. I also want to thank all of our sponsors who continue to support us and believe in us during this time of global crisis.

We will continue to show the strength of Molise in every competition, from our first team all the way down to our youth academy.

Out of respect for the many people who are suffering as the result of a loss of a loved one during the pandemic, we know that there will be little reason to celebrate at midnight tonight. However, please know that a glass of hope is something that we can all toast to together.


Best wishes to everyone. Go Wolves!

With love from your president,






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